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Primary school education Loharano Madagascar

Primary school education Loharano Madagascar
Children gathered outside their new school

Organisation: Madagascar Development Fun
Location: Loharano, Madagascar
Project: Building a new 3 classroom school 

In 2004,  in response to the growing number of children of school age,  members of the community at Loharano tried to raise sufficient funds to build a village school.  They succeeded in building the walls,  but were unable to complete the project because the walls were not in line and the money ran out.  Furthermore,  the local representative of the Ministry of Education instructed them to halt the construction as it was unsafe and liable to collapse.  

This was a great disappointment to the parents. But in 2007 they succeeded in securing funding from an NGO to reconstruct the two classroom building. Since then the number of children who attend this school has continued to increase.  Most come from neighbouring villages, some 3-4 kms away, and facilities were no longer adequate. 

There were approximately 200 children of school age in this and neighbouring communities who either received no education or had to walk a considerable distance to attend the nearest school.

The new school was completed at the tail end of 2013 thanks to the funds raised by Michael Hunt and his supporters.