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Adsum Selected for CoOp Fund

Adsum Selected for CoOp Fund

We’re delighted to announce that Adsum has been chosen to benefit from the next round of the Co-op Local Community Fund!

This is great news for us and will make a difference both in NI and in Madagascar.


Every time a Co-op member buys selected products and services from their local store, they can choose to donate 1% of the money they spend to a local charity such as Adsum.

Just by buying a pint of milk from a co-op store near you, you could support Adsum’s Bike Aid Madagascar Project.

Over the past three years the Bike Aid volunteers have collected, reconditioned and shipped hundreds of bikes annually from Belfast to Madagascar where they give communities a means to reach essential places in a more timely manner, hence significantly improving their lives.

hugh fixing bike.JPG

The funding round doesn’t open until 27th October 2019 and will close on 24th October 2020.

In preparation for the funding round going live, click here to become a member and ensure that you’re ready to get donating! 

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