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Adult Literacy Training Madagascar

Adult Literacy Training Madagascar

Approximately 5790 people participated each month in the first term of Adult Literacy Training in Androy; a region of chronic food insecurity. The training commenced as planned in February and recessed in April due to Covid-19 precautions. 

The final two weeks of the first term were supplemented with training on social distancing, the importance of face coverings, hand-washing as well as training on recognising the most common symptoms of Covid-19.

23 communes participated in the training and an incredible total of 300 centres were active.

Adult education is an important tool for economic development and poverty reduction, specifically in promoting health, agriculture and rural development and water management.

Another beneficial aspect of this initiative is the provision of six months’ employment for over 300 individuals each year in a region with few opportunities to earn an income outside of the home.

The training attracts men, women and children of all backgrounds; all wishing to gain invaluable literacy skills to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. 

Raymond is a rural doctor is trained to diagnose and treat patients. As he is illiterate his son assumed the role of his secretary. He attends training to learn how to read and write so that he can maintain records and read labels and instructions. 

Dr adult lit.jpg

Bezoe runs a roadside restaurant. She bakes bread and cooks rice, meat (beef, goat, chicken), greens and beans. She uses thin coloured sheets for her walls, roof and partitions and offers table service. Bezoe is participating in the Adult Literacy programme to learn how to read and write customers' orders. She also is very interested in reading. 

 Cafe adult lit.jpg

Sincere thanks to the donors who make our adult literacy programme a reality. Your support is making a tremendous impact to the lives of not only the participants but also their families and communities. 



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