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Adult Literacy in Southern Madagascar

The knowledge gained is helping both the individuals and their communities through employment, basic financial accounting and report writing skills. This programme is a pathway for development in individual learning and promotion of skill development in numeracy and literacy skills. Here are some case studies of how Adsum's Adult Literacy has impacted lives in Madagascar! 

Soamanoro repairs bicycles both at home and at various markets. He is completing the literacy training to learn how to keep record of his work schedule and his clients' contact details.



Bezoe runs a roadside restaurant. She bakes bread and cooks rice, meat (beef, goat, chicken), greens and beans. She uses thin coloured sheets for her walls, roof and partitions and offers table service. Bezoe is participating in the Adult Literacy programme to know how to read/write to keep track of clients, and orders, besides a general interest in reading.



Fiaintsoa is a carpenter. He is eager to learn numeracy skills to help with his measurements and his carpentry in general. He also wants to be able to read and write client orders and communicate better. He's always the first to arrive at class as the training takes place at his workshop. Pupils sit on his woodchippings. Particpants enjoy the aromatic fragrance of his open-air wood-working shop.



The Adult Literacy programme acts as a catalyst for community development and serves as an important tool for the support of economic development and poverty reduction, specifically, in promoting health, agriculture and rural development and water management.


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