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Big Thanks Bag Packers

Big Thanks Bag Packers

Prior to the drilling of their new well, inhabitants of Ampasimpotsy and the students at the Primary School fetched water from a visibly dirty traditional spring located 200 metres from the village. 

This unsafe water would have been used for drinking, washing and cooking purposes – leading to diarrhoeal diseases. Malaria is another common problem in the village as a result of mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water. The water was mainly fetched by women and children, meaning that they were particularly affected by sickness and physical injuries. This negatively affected the women’s health (especially during pregnancy) and school attendance.

Thanks to the Bag Pack volunteers, the community no longer have to rely on this unsafe water source. Instead they can now depend on clean, safe water from their new borehole well. 

Ampaisimpotsy water.JPG

Sincere thanks to each and every volunteer who donated their time to raise funds for our water projects. 

Over the past few years, Adsum has benefited greatly from fundraising bag packs. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, it's unlikely that we can rely on this as a fundraising activity anytime soon. If you've an innovative fundraising idea and would like to support our work in Madagascar, email