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Check out our new Storymaps feature

Check out our new Storymaps feature

We're excited to announce that we have developed a storymaps feature on our website! This feature helps to bring our work in Madagascar to life. It brings the people, the places, the partners in the field and our impact to a new level of understanding and virtual interaction.

With our storymaps, we are able to share insightful information and images to highlight the work that we do in rural communities across Madagascar. 



Storymaps help us to tell a story and connect old and new supporters of Adsum’s work to learn more about the Malagasy life and projects in the field. Feel free to take a look at our storymaps so far. We currently have a range of water and education projects uploaded. You can view them here (Storymaps Feature) or simply by visiting Adsum’s website, click on map tab at the top and select a project that you’d like to learn more about.  


We hope that by viewing our projects, you will learn more about the dynamics of our work in Madagascar and how you can get involved. From now on, all of our completed projects will be shared on the online storymap tool. 




Stay up to date on our social media for any additional storymaps.

Thank you to the ESRI team for their technical support for this work! 

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