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Climate challenges and water access in Madagascar

Climate challenges and water access in Madagascar

Madagascar is renowned for its uniqueness, boasting a diversity of plants and animals throughout the island. Yet, over time the island has experienced severe weather including flooding, droughts and cyclones. Find out how Adsum Foundation is supporting rural communities to become more climate resilient by providing access to safe water.



'An average of 1.5 cyclones affect Madagascar yearly, the highest number in Africa, on average affecting 700,000 people.' United Nations. 

As an island, Madagascar faces significant risks imposed by an increasingly variable and changing climate with temperature increases and decreased rainfall patterns which both affect Madagascar’s main driving sectors in its economy including agriculture, fisheries and livestock production. You can learn more about climate change in Madagascar here

With low rainfall and increased temperature in Madagascar, water scarcity becomes a greater issue, particularly in remote regions of the island. Adsum Foundation endeavours to tackle this issue and provide safe and accessible water. To date, we have completed 158 clean water projects providing 50,450 people with access to safe and sustainable sources of water through borehole wells, rainwater harvesting & gravity-fed systems. 

With only 36% of the Malagasy rural population having access to improved water sources, our work aims to provide access to safe, sustainable water in the remote regions of central Madagascar. In the process of providing safe water, communities become more resilient as basic needs are met. Providing safe water has immediate and long-term benefits. It can improve the physical health of a community and can also lead to greater productivity, creating more time for tackling household responsibilities and earning income. It also means that children can stay in school and improve their future rather than walking long distances to collect water. 

To ensure the sustainability of every water project that we complete, our partners share training and education alongside the community and promote active participation and community development. This ensures that each community takes ownership and responsibility for the borehole well.

You can help Adsum Foundation bring safe drinking water to rural communities, like this community in in Ambohimanana. To support Adsum's work and help rural communities become more climate resilient, you can donate monthly or give a one off donation here.