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Manankasina Celebrates New School thanks to Gilbert-Ash

Manankasina Celebrates New School thanks to Gilbert-Ash

Not even the torrential rain the night before could dampen the spirits of the community at Manankasina who came out in force to celebrate the inauguration of their new Primary School. 

Prior to building the new four classroom school, five levels of pupils were crammed into three classrooms and pre-school children attended class in a rented house in the village. These crowded, uncomfortable conditions contributed to a high drop-out rate and negatively impacted upon the children's learning experience. 

Thanks to the generosity of Gilbert-Ash, over-crowding is no longer an issue! The bright, airy and furnished classrooms will significantly improve educational provision for both the primary and pre-school children. 

The construction work was completed by our partner MDF, and as with all of Adsum's projects the community of Manankasina were involved from the start.

After months of hard work, the community enjoyed celebrating the completion of the school build in true Malagasy-style with lots of speeches, singing and dancing! See here a flavour of the festivities. 

music manankasina.jpg