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One Donation Twice the Impact

One Donation Twice the Impact

Less than a month until our Big Give Christmas Challenge! With your help we want to provide adults in Madagascar with essential literacy & numeracy skills.

Donating between 3rd-10th December via The Big Give website means that your donation will be doubled, creating twice the impact! 

That's right, for every £1 you donate during this period, £2 will go direct to the literacy project in Androy, Madagascar. 


Our literacy project delivers vital training in southern Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world - over 75% of the population live below the poverty line.

Illiteracy is major challenger facing many Malagasy people with over a quarter of the population being illiterate. 

The inability to read and write impacts greatly on all aspects of life from income generating opportunities, obtaining healthcare, bartering at market at more.

Illiteracy is especially challenging for those engaged in farming as too often those without reading skills are taken advantage of by unscrupulous buyers at market. 

By donating to our Big Give Christmas Campaign for Adult Literacy you will help us run a 6-month literacy programme, delivered by 300 teachers at 300 learning centres, often under the shade of a tree. Each teacher will be supplied with all the required materials including chalk, board and a bike, if required, to get to and from the villages.  

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Your donation to this campaign would make a world of a difference!

You can of course donate at anytime to the campaign. However, only donations donated between 3rd - 10th December on the Big Give website will be doubled.


More info:

Contact: Úna Kelly


P: 028 9691 3146 

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