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Safe Water thanks to Gilbert Ash

Safe Water thanks to Gilbert Ash

Residents of Ambodiara Sakavazoho village used to fetch water from two sources; an unprotected spring and a nearby river.

Both sources are dirty and contaminated. 

Speaking about the community's previous water sources, Francois Razafimahatratra (father of 6 children) said;

“I am Francois Razafimahatratra but people call me Njara’s father, after my first child. I am a retired teacher. I am 73 years old. I’ve been living here for a long time. The reason for our request is because, first of all, inhabitants are suffering. Imagine how we have to fetch water from that river. When it rains all the dirt gets washed into the river. Secondly, we suffer too with the hospital.  People accompanying patients have to come here to fetch water. In addition to that, pupils at our school also need water for washing.  Finally, all the villagers need it for good health. To sum up, health and cleanness are the main reasons for our request.” 

Ambodiara Saka Village.JPG 

Thanks to suport from Gilbert-Ash in 2020, the residents no longer have to rely on these unsafe water sources. Stay tuned for more information on this life-changing well, funded by Gilbert-Ash.