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Safe water for Ambohimanana Centre Village and Primary School

Safe water for Ambohimanana Centre Village and Primary School

Some good news to kick off 2021! We are pleased to report that we have completed a well in Ambohimanana Centre Village and Primary School. The borehole well will directly benefit 116 pupils at the primary school and 191 inhabitants.

Prior to the installation of the borehole well, the community had no means of collecting safe and clean water. The community had no other choice but to collect this unsafe water for their daily tasks. 

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During the drilling at Ambohimanana Centre, our partner Ny Tanintsika developed a Coronavirus Response Strategy with certain measures adopted including the provision of the drilling team with personal protection equipment. This helped keep everyone safe and allowed operations to continue ahead as planned. 

Education and training activities were carried out to inform the community about the key WASH messages, Covid-19 prevention and environmental protection. 

The community not only have access to safe drinking water now but they have also a new hand-washing station as to ensure hand-washing with soap before touching the hand pump. 


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"I'm very happy because we asked for help to install a borehole and it worked. You can see that we are very happy, both myself and the pupils. Now we have no problem with clean drinking water, especially to use when preparing our school canteen lunch. Thank you for making our dreams come true. We are very happy to use this infrastructure and will take care of it!"

Jean Baptiste (60 years old) Head Teacher at Ambohimanana Primary School

Adsum Foundation would like to thank Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission for their financial support in completing the recent batch of wells in rural Madagascar. 

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