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Thank you Phoenix Cycling Club

Thank you Phoenix Cycling Club

Adsum Foundation are delighted to receive a fantastic donation from Phoenix Cycling Club!



Due to the restraints of lockdown and cycling clubs not being able to engage in patterned events throughout the year, member of Phoenix Cycling Club, Andy Rooke (Club Treasurer) decided to offer the club members the opportunity to donate their fees to Adsum Foundation. 

We are extremely grateful for this thoughtful gesture of a donation of £1,660 and want to highlight the great difference this will make to our Bike Aid operations.


The donation will go toward supporting our next bicycle shipment taking place toward the end of 2021 and helps to ensure that hundreds of people from rural Malagasy communities are able to access a bicycle which will drastically improve their lives. A bicycle has the power to mobilise individuals and communities in rural Malagasy regions. Having access to a bicycle holds a ripple effect into areas such as healthcare, education, gender equality and agriculture and essentially means greater efficiency in commutes.


Thank you so much to all Phoenix cycling club members who donated to Adsum Foundation. We are delighted that you have contributed to our Bike Aid project this year!