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Water for Volohosy thanks to Trew Family

Water for Volohosy thanks to Trew Family

Thanks so much to John and Karen Trew who have made access to safe water possible in Volohosy Village and Primary School!

Before the installation of their new borehole well, inhabitants and pupils in Volohosy village had to fetch water from a large nearby river which was visibly dirty and contaminated. This contributed to a high prevalence of diarrhoeal disease and fevers.


Thanks to John and Karen, the community not only have a new safe source of water but they have also received the below support:

  • two local maintenance technicians were appointed and trained 
  • a water management committee was established and provided with training 
  • awareness-raising activities on the key WASH messages were delivered to the community

 This is SOAMIARINA Jeannette. She is 31 years old and a parent of a pupil at Volohosy Primary School.

I often fetch water for students because my child is too young. Kids used to suffer because they took river water in a bottle to school. So I am very happy to have drinking water, because now my son will always have clean water. We are very grateful”.