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We're Seeking Funders for our Clean, Safe Water Programme

Our borehole well programme, which provides 30 new borehole wells annually to communities in Madagascar, is into it's second year now but we are in need of further support!

A time consuming and laborious task, often left to the women and children which in turn has a knock on effect on school attendances, collecting water from dirty and disease ridden sources is a practice we at the Adsum Foundation are doing our best to combat, thanks to your support.

In conjunction with our local partner Feedback Madagascar/Ny Tanintsika our borehole well programme targets needy communities in a country where approximately 50% of the population of 25 million do not have access to clean and safe water.

As well as putting a borehole well in these communities the programme also looks at training for the community to manage the resource, sets up protection perimeters to avoid contamination, helps communities set up income generating schemes such as model vegetable gardens and explores self help village loan schemes that teaches investment and money management.

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