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Willis IRM school completed!

Willis IRM school completed!

The finishing touches are being put to the new primary school building at Ambatolava, which was funded in conjunction with Willis and Company Insurance and Risk Management in Belfast.

The existing 30 year old school building at Ambatolava,  situated 90mins North East of the capital Antananarivo, was in terrible disrepair with small and dark classrooms, a leaking roof and cracks in the walls which the villagers feared would lead to the building collapsing one day.

Thanks to a donation from Willis and Company work on the new school started in November and despite a break for this year's brutal rainy season in Madagascar, work has now finished save for outside paintwork which will be done in time for the upcoming inauguration.

As well as giving the children a bright and airy building in which to learn, capacity issues previously meant there were 25 children of school age not able to attend because of the shortage of space, and thanks to Willis and Company's generous donation they will now be able to receive an education like the rest of the children in their community.