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Yearning to Learn

Yearning to Learn

As our literacy training continues in Southern Madagascar, it's great to hear stories from our students.

The lack of basic reading, writing and numeracy skills in the area is clear when Talaky, a student on this years programme, said: “Before the training began, I couldn’t tell the difference between chicken claw marks on the ground and a letter of the alphabet”.

Each teacher is supplied with all materials required including chalk, writing materials & a bike, if required, to get to & from the villages.

We also create & publish a literacy training manual, which is given to students. Over the past 6 years, our literacy training has reached over 35,000 people & will reach a further 10,500 this year alone.

Travelling through the Androy region, the spread of our project becomes clear. Literacy trainers reach communities scattered across an area the size of Wales, largely accessed via sandy trails, forged by foot or ox-cart.

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Access to education can often be taken for granted in developed countries. In Madagascar the thoughts of Zatoay, a student from Ankibay, is common place:

“I have yearned for years to be free of ignorance, to know how to read and write. To my utmost joy, I was invited into Literacy Training”

The enthusiasm and dedication of both teachers and students is infectious. Esanta, president of a Local District in Androy, stressed:

 “Please do not put a halt to the programme. As more people see the impact of the training, more and more people want to learn. As the need for learning is met for previous students, the demand grows from new students across the district. Thank you”

With your support, we can continue to give the gift of knowledge and meet the programmes growing demand. Please donate here or to find out more, please get in touch (email Colin).

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