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Primary school education Andasinimaromena Madagascar

Organisation: Madagascar Development Fund
Location: Andasinimaromena, Madagascar
Project: Building a new 3 classroom school 

Primary school education Andasinimaromena Madagascar
School children gather outside their new school

In 2008 the local community used its own resources, labour and readily available materials to build the first primary school in the village. The school consists of two small classrooms. It has a thatched roof, no ceiling and an earth floor.  Everything was built using basic materials. Conditions are miserable and unacceptable.

Only a few years ago this area was comparatively under-populated. It was considered ideal by those wishing to escape the stress and problems of city life - with plenty of free land suitable for farming and cattle raising.  The growing population has also resulted in an increase in the number of school age children.  

The school has 3 teachers paid partly in cash and in kind  (cassava and sacks of rice) by the Association of parents whose children attend the school. Children from eight neighbouring hamlets also attend the school - some of them walking 2 to 3 kms in each direction, often barefoot.   The other, nearest alternative,  at Ampasatokana, is located about 7 km away. 

Thanks to a donation from Silverbridge Solutions the pupils now have a suitable new building which can cater for the local children and provide bright, airy welcoming surroundings in which to learn.