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Education Projects 


Primary and Pre-School School Construction 

We believe that with access to a good education, children can escape poverty that's why we focus on the construction of primary schools in rural communities predominately in the Itasy region where educational provision is inadequate and/or doesn’t meet the needs of the community. 

In recent years, Adsum has recognised the importance of early childhood development and so has started to focus on the construction of pre-school classroom too. 

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 School Support Packs

Adsum Foundation provides all pupils registered at our schools with their own learning resources (pen, pencil, notebook, bag, chalk board). Furthermore, each school is provided with skipping ropes and footballs as Adsum believe that playtime is essential for school children's development.

support packs.JPG 


Story Book Packs

Whilst story books are a given for schools in NI they are a luxury item for many primary schools in rural Madagascar. Libraries are established at each Adsum school through the Education for Life programme. The story book project adds to the existing library benefiting the entire school community.

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Education for Life Project: 

The Ed4Life programme aims to reduce the impact of poverty on a child’s education and development through the installation of school kitchen gardens,  the provision of training in sustainable food production, teacher training and more.

Furthermore, school communities are encouraged to use the Ed4Life solar panels to generate income for school resources and to provide reading light for adults in the community wishing to read training manuals from the Ed4Life library.

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Adult Literacy Programme 

Running over 6 months, adult literacy training is delivered by 300 centrally trained teachers at 300 locations across the Androy region in Southern Madagascar. Each teacher is supplied with all materials they need including chalk, writing materials & a bike, if required, to get to and from the villages. A literacy training manual is also given students.

Over the past 6 years, almost 40,000 people completed the adult literacy training and remains in high demand. Additionally, another beneficial aspect of this initiative is the provision of six months’ employment for over 300 individuals each year in a region with few opportunities to earn an income outside of the home.

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