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Sustainable livelihoods Tolongoina Madagascar

Organisation: Ny Tanintsika/Feedback Madagascar
Location: Tolongoina, Madagascar
Project: Sustainable livelihoods 

Sustainable livelihoods Tolongoina Madagascar
These farmer's ginger will be turned into essential oils for sale

This project will provide the capacity-building for communities to transformravintsara and ginger into essential oils, and assist with their marketing.

The population of Ikongo suffer from high poverty levels, made worse by their remoteness. Forest conservation is made more difficult due to the traditional custom of 'tavy' (shifting cultivation with the abandoning of land after several years) practiced by the Antanala people of this area. Also due to the limited surface area of valley floors suitable for irrigated rice-fields, the majority of farming is carried out on steep slopes. Annual deforestation rates are estimated at over 1%. Each household has on average 100m², of which 5% is rice-fields, and with low yields. 

However, despite the promotion of sustainable farming, insufficient markets for products often remains as an obstacle to income-generation activities.

In particular, ginger and ravintsara (scientific name Cinnamomum camphora, family Lauraceae) are now produced in large quantities but associations need support for their transformation into high-value products and with their marketing.

This is the first step in ensuring a sustainable long-term income for these communities and a great leap towards sustainable rainforest management.