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Who We Are

Adsum Foundation was established in 2008 in Belfast, Northern Ireland with the goal of supporting people and communities in the developing world and investing in their futures.

Our vision is a future where the possibilities and opportunities are the same for all, in a world without poverty.

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In the early years, Adsum worked in various developing countries. Carefully selecting sustainable projects that would benefit future generations too.  

We worked in partnership with some of the biggest NGOs around the world, and some of the smallest, to learn and tap into their years of expertise and this process has helped shape our approach to giving. Among other things we have helped build wells in Tanzania, provided disaster relief in Pakistan and funded the distribution of mosquito nets in Uganda, all the time learning from each.

After a few years, we decided to focus our efforts on Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world. We are committed to supporting Malagasy communities through the delivery of education, water, health and sustainable livelihood projects.

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How We Do It

Adsum Foundation focuses on projects that for one reason or another are not on the radar of the larger organisations or could be too small to attract their attention and for which the struggle for funds is ever greater.

Two of the key strengths we look for in a project or partner to be supported are leadership and accountability, which is vital for both the success of the project and our ongoing working relationship.

We also look at the long term effect of the project on the community and surrounding area. We only want to invest in sustainable projects so we look at who it is helping and will if it will benefit future generations. 



To maximise impact we operate partnering schemes to secure as much investment, on top of our own, for the charities we feel need support.

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