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Project Safidy

Organisation: Azafady
Location: Ft Dauphin, Madagascar
Project: HIV awareness

Primary school education Andasinimaromena Madagascar

Project Safidy was initially developed as a one year pilot initiative  in response to the critical need for improvements to sexual health education in Fort Dauphin. Community Health specialists from Azafady worked alongside students at the Lycée (the town’s only public, non-fee paying high school) to build their capacity to act as peer educators in delivering information about HIV, STIs and family planning to fellow students while also reinvigorating the school Anti-SIDA (AIDS Prevention) Club.

Phase 2 of this project now seeks to continue and expand the peer education training programme by working with more than 1,000 students from the Lycée and one of the town’s two public CEGs (middle schools) whilst supporting the Anti-SIDA Club towards more sustainable operation.

In a context of increasing HIV prevalence, lack of good quality information and decreasing state capacity or services, community-level interventions such as Project Safidy are increasingly important if young people are to be supported to take control of their sexual health choices and make healthier life decisions, impacting on future generations across the town.