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Handwashing and Hygiene Training 

Adsum Foundation recognises that effective handwashing and good hygiene is the first line of defence against many illnesses and water borne diseases.  

Limited sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices are closely linked with chronic malnutrition and diarrhoea. It is estimated that at least 25% of under-5 mortality, and half of under-5 stunting is due to water-related diseases (UNICEF).That's why the dissemination of good handwashing practices amongst adults and children is of great importance to us. 

As part of our Education for Life programme, pupils are taught hand-washing techniques that can fight against the spread of infection and water-borne illnesses. Children are taught how to create simple tippy-tappy systems for handwashing - a skill they can then share with their families and communities. 

With the installation of every borehole well, training is provided for the community in effective handwashing and menstrual hygiene. 

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