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Clean water project Ambohitrangano Madagascar

Organisation: Madagascar Development Fund
Location: Ambohitrangano, Madagascar
Project: Clean water project 

Clean water project Ambohitrangano Madagascar
The community gather beside one of the new village taps

Ambohitrangano  already had a clean water supply – financed by MDF in 2012.  But  it is a large, widely spread community,   and only parts of it benefited from the new installation. This project extends the existing system to four neighbouring hamlets - Antanimbomangabe, Kovozo, Ambohimiadana and Antanivory.  

The water sources currently used are regularly polluted by earth and human and animal excrement,  particularly during the rainy season.  Many of the villagers are aware of the need to boil the water before use.  But this requires firewood collected from what remains of the nearby forest – which is having a negative effect on the environment and contributing to deforestation.  Those who do not boil their water expose themselves to  serious, life-threatening illnesses including dysentery, cholera and bilharzia. 

During the dry season the supply is inadequate as the streams and ponds dry up,  and what little water remains also represents a serious threat to community health.

The project involved installing a gravity-fed water system linked to the existing gravity-fed water system which already has a 15 cubic metre concrete storage tank supplying the main village of Ambohitrangano, 3kms away. This involved laying 1780 metres of UPVC pipes from there to five publicly accessible standpipes in various locations.

Thanks to the Lumsdon family 560 villagers now have access to clean and safe water.