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4 new wells in Madagascar!

4 new wells in Madagascar!

Celebration for clean water in the community!

Thanks to the incredible support of David Macaulay’s fundraising efforts, we are delighted to share that we have recently completed 4 new wells located in Ambinanitromby and Ambohitsarabe villages, Madagascar. 



Clean water makes a world of a difference in rural areas throughout Madagascar. Over 12 million people do not have access to clean safe drinking water but thanks to David’s work, we are helping to reduce that number and support more communities in Madagascar! 

The two wells in Ambinanitromby village will benefit 675 people from 159 households. They will also benefit the 344 pupils at Ambinanitromby Primary School. The borehole well in Ambosababre directly benefits 93 people in the community. The borehole well in the Ampasimanjeva village will directly benefit 579 individuals, which is incredible news!

Alongside the provision of a borehole well, the communities underwent awareness-raising activities involving environmental protection in the area and the 4 key WASH messages 

-Building and use of (hygienic) latrines 
-Handwashing with soap or ash 
-Drinking safe water 
-Menstrual hygiene 


A member from the Ambohitsarabe community said, ‘One borehole was not enough for all of us in Ambohitsarabe and so we are very happy and thank you for this additional borehole. We no longer have problems with access to clean drinking water. Thanks again. And we are happy to continue working with you to improve our village’ 


David has shown such incredible support to the communities in Madagascar and has worked tirelessly to further Adsum’s mission. We also want to thank the pupils and staff at Glenann Primary School who have assisted David in his fundraising endeavours and have shown great interest in the on-going projects. We are extremely thankful for collaborative commitment to fundraising and making such an impact in Madagascar! 


Well done, David and supporters!



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