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Clean Water for Tetezandraikitra

Clean Water for Tetezandraikitra

Thanks to Ryan's Cookie Box and their fantastic fundraising (and baking!), the village of Tetezandraikitra now has access to clean, safe drinking water. 

Prior to the installation of the new borehole well, the community had to fetch water from the large nearby river which was visibly dirty and contaminated – particularly during the rainy and cyclone season. The river water was used for all purposes including washing people, laundry and dishes as well as for drinking and cooking. This contributed to a high prevalence of diarrhoeal disease and fevers.

Thanks to Ryan's Cookie Box and their kind customers, the 46 households and local primary school now have access to safe water. 

Further to the installation of the new well, the community also were provided with training in the following key WASH =areas:

- Building and use of (hygienic) latrines
- Hand-washing with soap or ash
- Drinking safe water
- Menstrual hygiene

Many thanks again to the Baker Boy, his assistant Baker and the entire RCB community for once again supporting Adsum and the communities we work with in Madagascar. 


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