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Education4Life programme starts to see the green shoots of success!

Education4Life programme starts to see the  green shoots of success!

This kitchen garden at the school in Mandritsarakely is thriving

Our Education4Life programme, which began in 2015 with our partner Money for Madagascar, is coming to the end of it's first school year and the signs are good for long term success.

The programme, which is operating in 34 rural schools in Madagascar including 24 of Adsum's own funded jointly with our supporters, is running a  variety of activities throughout the school year.  The aim of these activities is to help the teachers, pupils, their families and communities as a whole to lift themselves up through a variety of different aspects of the overall programme.

Introducing solar power, providing training and resources to inspire teaching and learning as well as health and hygiene training are all aspects of the exciting programme being implemented in three areas of the country with local partners.

A fourth exciting scheme is that of kitchen gardens such as the one pictured above, whereby the school and community are provided with tools and skills to grow food that will eventually supply a school canteen.

And where the gardens do really well, surplus can be sold with proceeds going towards the school's upkeep and paying the teachers.

So far so good, and long may it continue!



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