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Studying on an Empty Stomach

Studying on an Empty Stomach

Every day, many children in Madagascar turn up for school on an empty stomach making it hard to focus on their work. Some others simple aren’t allowed to go to school as they are needed to work on the rice fields or help at home.

A school meal not only has nutritional and health benefits for children, but it also increases access to and achievement in education. Furthermore, school meals are also a strong incentive for parents to send their children to school.

Together with Money for Madagascar, Adsum delivers the Ed4Life Programme at 34 partner schools in Madagascar. A further 8 schools will join the programme in 2018. The Ed4Life programme benefits not only the school children but the entire community in a wide array of areas, one being food and nutrition.

The Ed4Life Programme does more than just provide free school meals, it equips teachers, children and their parents with the knowledge, skills and resources to effectively engage in organic food production. As with all our projects, the Ed4Life project is both sustainable and community led.

Each participating school grows their own crops in a kitchen garden which in turn is used to create nutritious meals. Furthermore, the community is provided with worm composting units as to increase soil quality in which their crops are grown.

Many of the kitchen gardens now yield enough produce for two meals per week. Higher attendance at school is recorded on these days.

Whilst we’re very happy with the success of the programme to date, we want to increase the number of school meals provided. A daily school meal would allow the children we work with to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs and help increase enrolment and attendance. We can’t do it alone. We need the support of donors to provide more meals for school children in Madagascar.

Every £ donated to our Ed4Life programme will be matched with each penny going direct to the project. Therefore, all donations, regardless of size, will make a tangible difference to the lives of children in Madagascar.

Please follow this link to make a life changing donation today:

If you’d like to make an offline donation, or find out more about this project, please email

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