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Adult Literacy Training 2020

Adult Literacy Training 2020

This year's Adult Literacy Training was temporarily halted due to Covid-19 and the government's restrictions. However, when restrictions eased, all three hundred centres, in twenty- three communes recommenced training.

The students' enthusiasm didn't wane during the break, instead, they returned eager to continue their studies. Social distancing was in place at the classes, which were mostly outside and most students/teachers wore a face mask of some sort.

Attendance significantly increased in the second term with over 7400 participants registered in the final month. One of the primary reasons for the increase in numbers is that government agencies offering aid in cash, food or farm loans now require signatures. As fingerprints are no longer accepted, students are motivated to attend class to learn how to read and write their own name. The ban on fingerprints was introduced this year. Thanks to the support of our donors, trainees who previously relied on using their fingerprints, now have access to additional support from government and non-governmental bodies, something which as the drought continues is Androy is essential.

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