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Adult literacy project in Southern Madagascar continues

Adult literacy project in Southern Madagascar continues

We are delighted to announce the next phase of our Adult Literacy project in Southern Androy will begin this summer, hoping to reach over 10,000 people in 300 centres throughout the region.

Androy is considered one of the poorest areas in Madagascar and through our partner Satraha we have reached over 5000 people over several phases to date.

The programme teaches basic Reading, Writing and Maths to those communities and people who want to learn, and so far the response has been phenomenal with many more applying to be put on the waiting list for the future.

As well as these basic skills, the previous phase included practical training in agricultural farming, which was greatly received in this dry and arid part of the country. As a result practical days will also be included in the upcoming phase and Satraha's director Steve Lellelid explained: " This practical training day is very popular and well attended by trainees. During this session we propose conducting this hands-on training in each month of the literacy training, as a day to look forward to, and each time it will move to a different field, the criteria being that the field belongs to someone in the class who is particularly disadvantaged or economically challenged."