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Life Changing Access to Water

Life Changing Access to Water

Lives changed in Tsaramandroso village

Access to water is a major issue for many communities across Madagascar. Most people rely upon open, unprotected water sources, often significant distances from their homes or schools.

These water sources are easily polluted both through its many uses (drinking, cooking, personal hygiene and laundry) and through animal and human faeces being washed in, particularly during the rainy season. Unclean, contaminated water exposes individuals to many serious illnesses, including cholera and diarrhoea. The dry season poses additional risks, namely the unreliable nature and inadequate volume of water to meet the needs of the surrounding area.

Safe, reliable and sustainable water sources are a cornerstone of the Adsum Foundation. By the end of 2017, we will have impacted 30 schools and villages this year, through newly drilled boreholes and rainwater harvesting systems.

The photos above are from the highlands of Madagascar at Tsaramandroso Village, where villagers previously collected contaminated water from a traditional spring half a kilometre away. The community now have life-changing access to a borehole providing clean and safe drinking water in the village, directly benefiting 150 people (in 40 households).

Thank you to our donors for supporting amazing transformations like this one. We are grateful for our local partner Feedback Madagascar/Ny Tanintsika who help deliver our borehole programme, impacting the lives of thousands of Malagasy every year.