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Help make this Christmas a merry one in Madagascar!

Help make this Christmas a merry one in Madagascar!

The community at Tearomihila celebrate the installation of their clean water pump

Communities such as this one at Tearomihila now have clean and safe water thanks to our supporters, but there is so much more still to do!

2016 has been the most productive year yet for the Adsum Foundation thanks to your donations and support, but we hope to make even more of a life changing impact in Madagascar this Christmas and into 2017, and as ever we need your help.

This year 8000 more adults in the drought stricken Androy region of the south of the country benefited from our literacy programme, clean water has reached over 4000 people in more than 20 communities for the first time, and we even sent out 400 bikes, to name but a few of our successes throughout the country.

But with so many million men women and children without access to clean water, sanitation and so many communities in need of new schools and improved education, there is no time to rest.

If you can help in anyway or care to make a donation no matter how small, please do so here:

or get in touch on or on 02890 446361 to find out how we can work together with you, your family, company or sports team to make a difference.

Thanks for all the help so far, and keep up the good work!

























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