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Ed4Life in Rural Madagascar

Ed4Life in Rural Madagascar

A busy kitchen garden in Ambohitrangano

Adsum are looking forward to entering the third year of the Ed4Life programme in partnership with Money for Madagascar

The joint programme aims to improve the life prospects of children in Madagascar by giving them to access a decent education, providing them with the thinking skills and practical knowledge required to support themselves and cope with societal challenges ahead.  


The 'Education4Life' programme is designed to help communities overcome the major obstacles to educational success such as:

  • Lack of teaching materials and resources; 
  • Hunger and consequent inability to concentrate or learn.
  • Absence from school due to illness;
  • Parental inability to pay school fees.

 Each participating school will benefit from:

  • Quality teacher training.
  • New teaching materials and a school resource library.
  • Training in improved sustainable food production techniques to encourage food security and improved child nutrition.
  • A new school kitchen garden providing food for school lunches and potentially a surplus to raise school funds.
  • A worm composting unit to ensure soil quality and provide a source of school income.
  • A new school canteen providing pupils with regular hot school meals made from garden produce.
  • Solar panels providing electricity, light and a source of school income
  • Improved sanitation facilities and the promotion of good hygiene practices.
  • Activities to engage with parents and help them face the challenge of meeting school costs.


Teachers at our participating schools have reported that the Ed4Life programme has positively impacted upon school life. 

The Adsum Foundation are incredibly grateful to the donors and fundraisers who contribute to this project - your support is dramatically improving life for pupils at our schools in Madagascar. 

If you'd like to find out more about this project please email

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