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Teacher Training #MadagascarInMay

Teacher Training #MadagascarInMay

More than half of primary school teachers in Madagascar are recruited by parents’ associations and have limited or no training. 

This is one of many factors contributing to the high repeat and dropout rate. (20% of children repeat at least one grade of primary school. Almost 25% drop out in the first grade.)


Adding to the difficulties of teaching a recently updated curriculum without any formal teaching, many teachers have to try and teach very large groups of children with varying levels of ability with little or no resources. #MadagascarInMay

 Nicole and Una with Nomentsoa teachers.JPG


What Adsum is doing:

Whilst this investment enabled thousands of children to enter the school system, we became increasingly aware that the provision a healthy learning environment alone was not sufficient to solve the problem of low educational attainment. Through the Education for Life programme, teachers at our partner schools are given training in pedagogy and are provided with a school resource library which includes text books and teaching aids. 

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Get involved:

Every £ donated to our Ed4Life programme will be matched with each penny going direct to the project. Therefore, all donations, regardless of size, will make a tangible difference to the lives of children in Madagascar.

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Author: Úna Kelly


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