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Next joint venture with TASC up and running

Next joint venture with TASC up and running

Work on site has already begun for the new project

With the new school up and running in Maromby there is no time to rest, as construction has already begun down the road at our next school building project with our partner TASC.

At Salohy in the Vohipeno region of the country, Six new fully fitted out classrooms, teacher houses and kitchens, latrines and a new well to serve the school are all part of the project which is due to be completed in spring next year.

With a fully functioning new school up to 240 pupils will be able to get an education in this very poor area of the country, where TASC have been working and operating for a number of years.

The local community are also contributing to the build through TASC's 'work for food' programme, helping clear the road for access and other tasks which means they will have been part of the overall success when things are completed.

Watch this space for updates!