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6th Shipment of Bikes

6th Shipment of Bikes

This year we sent our 6th shipment of bikes to Madagascar – which means that over 2100 bikes since our first shipment in 2017!

Our latest shipment is currently on its way to the Androy region of southern Madagascar. A region which is especially climate challenged with drought as a major issue alongside poverty.

We send bikes to give as many people as we can in rural Madagascar, access to quality and sustainable bike transport.

Water, education and basic healthcare are sparse, particularly in rural communities in Madagascar. Marketplaces, workplaces and other income opportunities can be significant distances away from people's homes. Poor infrastructure and challenging weather conditions can make these journeys more burdensome, whether in the scorching heat or through the rainy season. Providing locals with a means to reach these essential places, and in a more timely manner, will significantly improve their futures.

Recipients from a variety of backgrounds have benefitted from the Bike Aid programme including;

  • health centre agents
  • youth leaders
  • farmers
  • rural school teachers
  • builders

We recently heard that Matambelo uses his Adsum bike to run a bicycle-taxi service from Behabobo to the markets of Tsiabo (7km), Ambatotivala (16km), Antsolo (15km), Beloha (50km) and less often to Tsihombe (53km). He charges 10,000MgA (Approx £2.00) for an average round-trip. His taxi-fares support his seven children (ages 7-18) in school.

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The bike project is only possible with the support and generosity of the community and of course the team of incredible volunteers. Whilst we aren’t in a position to collect Bikes due to the current Covid crisis, we do welcome drop-off donations. 

So, if you have a roadworthy bike (preferably an adult mountain or hybrid bike) that you no longer use and that you’d like to donate, please text Brendan on 07788108727 to find out where you can drop off your bike. 

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