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Ulidia Integrated College Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

Ulidia Integrated College Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

Since 2015, Adsum has overseen a twinning project between Ulidia Integrated College in Carrickfergus and Lycee Pole in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. As the friendship between these two schools continues, Ulidia Integrated are taking another step towards making a tangible difference in Madagascar.

This year the Eco-Schools team at Ulidia are taking up the challenge of helping break the cycle of poverty in Madagascar, through the gift of bikes.

Water, education and basic healthcare are sparse, particularly in rural communities in Madagascar. Marketplaces, workplaces and other income opportunities can be significant distances away from people’s homes. Weather conditions can make these journeys more burdensome. Adsum’s Bike Aid Madagascar project was thus set up to provide locals with a means to reach these essential places in a more timely manner, and significantly improving their futures.

Bikes are collected from across Northern Ireland, preferably hybrids or mountain bikes for the rough terrain!

Ulidia Integrated are acting as an ambassador for the project by promoting the need for bikes and donations, as well as being a local collection point for people to drop off bikes. 


Members of the wider community are being asked to bring old bicycles to Ulidia Integrated College on 25thMay and 5th June to be recycled. Bicycles of all sizes and conditions are welcomed; older bicycles can be used for parts to upcycle bicycles. 

Together with Ulidia Integrated College we are asking all members of the local community to get behind Ulidia and support the ReCYCLE campaign. 

"It’s exciting to be able to build upon our relationship with Ulidia and the local community in this way. The continued success of our bike project is a direct result of the huge impact previously donated bikes have had on rural communities in Madagascar. Bikes can easily gather dust at home so for pupils, staff, parents and their wider connections to have a straightforward and tangible way to make a difference in Madagascar is what the power of collaboration is all about"

-Gavin Lonergan, Director; The Adsum Foundation 

"This is an exciting project for Ulidia to have taken on: The project will reduce waste in our local community and also enable the Carrickfergus community to further support the Madagascar community. Bicycles donated to the campaign will be serviced and shipped to Madagascar where they will provide important and appropriate transportation solutions.”

-Sandra Patterson, Head of Geography; Ulidia Integrated College


Individuals wishing to make a donation that are unable to go Ulidia College should text Brendan of Bike Aid to arrange a bike collection 07788108727. 


For more information on the Bike Aid Madagascar project:
028 9044 6361


For more information on Ulidia Integrated College:
028 93358500

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