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7 new classrooms thanks to David Macaulay and friends

7 new classrooms thanks to David Macaulay and friends

Adsum Foundation are pleased to share more about a recent inauguration event of a 7 classroom primary school build at Ambohijafy 1 that took place on 2nd February. 


The event was very well attended, particularly by the villagers and the authorities from neighbouring villages. The Head Teacher shared with MDF that the construction of the 7 new classrooms was a dream come true.

In a series of speeches, the local representatives of the Ministry of Education was the first to speak. He said, 'There has never been a big event like this at this school, I am so proud to participate in this ceremony. My heart is so touched that the only thing I can say is to thank the donors. What they have done for this school is much appreciated and will never be forgotten.'


It's clear that this school will make a tremendous difference to so many lives in Ambohijafy. 


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A massive thank you to David Macaulay, his friends, family and Glenann Primary school for their fantastic fundraising efforts. The 7 new classrooms ensure that pupils and teachers no longer have to study in dangerous or overcrowded classrooms. The school environment is now much safer for the 241 students, and 9 teachers. It means that children can develop their educational journey in a safe, clean and comfortable environment at Ambohijafy. The pupils looks absolutely thrilled with their new classrooms and learning resources. 


Misaotra betsaka David, his friends, family and Glenann Primary School for their fundraising efforts in this life changing project. 


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