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Adult Literacy programme targets 10,000 more students in 2016

Adult Literacy programme targets 10,000 more students in 2016

A baby sleeps in class while her mother learns during the latest phase of our Adult Literacy programme

Adult literacy in the Androy region, one of our most important and far reaching programmes in southern Madagascar, is back again in 2016 with a bigger and wider reach than before.

With a target of 10,000 new students, and an extended programme of six months now up from five, our partner Satraha has once again trained and tasked teachers to go out to over 300 makeshift learning centres across new regions of the south to try and bring much needed and requested adult literacy training to the people.

Statistics have shown that there is an upward curve in results over the five months of previous phases of the programme during the last three years, and the decision was made to see if this would continue if we added in another month and extended the programme. Signs so far are good.

This is all against a backdrop of the numerous issues the people face in the region, such as poor rainfall which means a food shortage for yet another year in a row, alongside scarcity of jobs which means people often have to leave the communities they have grown up in to look for work, and yet despite this numbers have increased in the first two months.

Thanks to the hard work of Steve Lellelid and his team in Androy the programme goes from strength to strength and the desire of the people on the ground to learn and attend classes, against the odds, gives everyone encouragement to keep at it and continue to look for funding to maintain this vital programme.