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Adult Literacy project renewed for 2016

Adult Literacy project renewed for 2016

Adults of all ages have been attending literacy classes across the Androy region 

Our Adult Literacy project in the Androy region of southern Madagascar, in conjunction with our partner Satraha, has received the green light for another year.

So far 12,000 plus people have passed through the programme across the Androy region, and this latest phase of the project hopes to add another 10,000 to that number.

Concentrating on the basics of reading, writing and numeracy, this latest programme will focus on 300 centres throughout the area. The course will now run for 6 months instead of the previous 5, to see if the learning curve we have noticed rising in previous years continues to do so with the addition of this extra month.

Also included once again will be the popular practical day, which seeks to help the attendees, the vast majority from farming communities, get to grips with practical and beneficial changes to planting and farming techniques.

The latest phase will begin in the first week of April, so watch this space for updates!