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Ankadivory set for new school and water extension

Ankadivory set for new school and water extension

The villagers of Ankadivory have just recieved the news they will be getting a new school building thanks to the latest investment in the community by Armagh IT firm Silverbridge Solutions.

Last year the community benefitted from the installation of a new gravity fed water system, which brought clean and safe water to the population of nearly 700 for the first time.

This was made possible by a donation from Silverbridge Solutions, who had previously helped build a school at Andasinimaromena further south. This time around they wanted to go back and further help the community at Ankadivory who badly needed a new building as their old one was run down and becoming dangerous to teach in.

The new school building will also help address the capacity issues in the community, where 189 pupils have been using the current sub standard building, and 40 more of school age have been unable to attend due to lack of space.

Three hamlets which are not served from the current water system will also benefit from an extension, also funded by Silverbridge Solutions, which will bring water directly to them and give them the same as their neighbours.

Work is due to start on both projects by the summer and be completed later in the year.