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St. Ita's P.S. Provides Safe Drinking Water for Over 500 Young People

St. Ita

Thanks to the school community of St. Ita's Primary School in Belfast for fundraising to provide a borehole well for the pupils and staff of Tanakambana Secondary School in Madagascar!

The well will directly benefit 525 pupils and 21 teachers. 


Whilst safe drinking water is accessible for all in Northern Ireland only 13% of the rural population in Madagascar have access to improved drinking water supplies on premises. (Progress in Drinking Water, Sanitation & Hygiene JMP 2017)

Prior to the installation of the borehole well pupils at Tanakambana Secondary School had to fetch water from a river which was visibly dirty and contaminated. Many pupils suffered from diarrhoeal disease and malaria as a result of drinking this unsafe water. The provision of safe drinking water at Tanakambana School will significantly improve the pupils' health and subsequently improve their school attendance and attainment levels. 

Further to the installation of a borehole well and hand-pump, adults from the village were provided with WASH training.   

Not only has St. Ita's Primary School given the pupils of Tanakambana access to safe drinking water but they've also positively impacted on life for the entire community! Thanks so much to the staff, pupils and the wider school community for their fantastic fundraising efforts.

 Tanakambana SS Thank You St Itas.JPG

Tanakambana is one of 30 communities to benefit from the installation of borehole wells and impluvium systems by Adsum Foundation in 2017. If you'd like to fund a safe water project in 2018 please email 

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