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Year one of Education4Life complete, onto year two!

Year one of Education4Life complete, onto year two!

These children and staff are keen to get started  in their new school garden

The first year of our joint Education4Life programme has now been completed with our partner Money for Madagascar, and our teams are already forging ahead with year two's plans.

The overall aim of the programme is to improve the health and education prospects of students across 34 schools in three areas, and working with partners on the ground it has been an exciting and productive first year.

The schools, which are spread between the Antsirabe, Itasy and Moramanga regions, have been engaged in activities across a number of themes.

Solar panels have been introduced to the communities, which have been a source of electricity for some and even income generating opportunities for others.

A WASH (WAter, Santitation and Hygiene) education element to the programme hopes to help combat illness and address school absenteeism and drop out rates by improving general health in the community.

Teachers will be trained to help improve lessons and as the picture above shows, kitchen gardens are introduced to each school to help provide the children with a meal each day and in time, some much needed income for the school to become sustainable.

So with all the lessons learnt from year one and the enthusiasm of everyone involved for the project, it is full steam ahead! 

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