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Bikes to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Bikes to Break the Cycle of Poverty

A reconditioned bike starting its journey to Madagascar!

Since 2015 the Adsum Foundation has partnered with Belfast based BikeAid Africa. Over the past two years we have been collecting, reconditioning and shipping bikes to Madagascar. They are sent to our charity partners in Madagascar, who identify and distribute the bikes to those who would benefit.

Water, education and basic healthcare are sparse, particularly in rural communities in Madagascar. Marketplaces, workplaces and other income opportunities can be significant distances away from people’s homes. Weather conditions can make these journeys more burdensome, whether in scorching heat or through the rainy season. Providing locals with a means to reach these essential places, and in a more timely manner, will significantly improve their futures.

We collect bikes from across Northern Ireland, preferably hybrids or mountain bikes for the rough terrain, but accept bikes of all shapes and sizes, as well as parts.

As we get ready to send more bikes to Madagascar, there are several ways you can help:

- Gift us your old, unused or unloved bike (and/or parts)

- Volunteer and recondition bikes at our Belfast workshop

- Help us meet the cost of shipping by donating in person or online at our VirginMoneyGiving page

- Share our project on social media or in your community

For more information on how to help, drop Adsum an email or give us a call on 02890446361. If you have any bikes you would like to donate, please contact Brendan on 07788108727.

Help people break the cycle of poverty through the gift of two wheels.

Thank you!

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